Cacao Hunters

Cacao Hunters

Artisanal brands with an authentic brand story that serves a purpose: 

In Colombia are grown some of the finest cocoa varieties in the world. Its climate and land offer perfect conditions to produce exceptional cocoa

At Cacao Hunters we transform cocoa beans from different corners of the country into chocolate bars, dignifying the lives of farmers dedicated to produce cacao, and promoting a culture of best producing practices in order to obtain a superior quality raw material.

Cacao Hunters is a sustainable development project that goes beyond producing the best chocolate bars in the world; It is an adventure throughout Colombia, in the hands of cocoa producers.

High Quality End-Product with a stringent production process:

Cacao Hunters work with producers in indigenous and post-conflict regions who guided us in this journey through different regions of Colombia to discover the best cacao beans. These producers, with their ancestral traditions, have made the cacao production a sustainable life option for their communities.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

We provide technical assistance at our Cacao School in Macondo, and stables purchasing prices that are currently the double than market prices, to encourage farmers to produce the best cacao quality and create sustainable livelihoods.

Currently, Cacao Hunters rewards and supports the dedication of producers in 4 regions in Colombia, positively impacting the lives of more than 3.000 cacao producing families in the country.

With each purchase of our chocolate bars, the consumer is directly helping to preserve a rich heritage of cacao cultivation and ensure a fair income and sustainable practices in Colombia ́s cacao communities.

About the Founders:

“Our vision is to transform the cacao industry in Colombia to produce specialty cacaos that can generate a better quality of life for producers.’

Carlos Ignacio Velasco – CEO of Cacao Hunters