Artisanal brands with an authentic brand story that serves a purpose:

Krakakoa believes that some of the best quality products in the world can be produced right here in Indonesia. They believe that farmers need to make a good living from the hard work that they do. They believe that the environment needs to be protected while we pursue economic development. And they believe manufacturing and processing is an important contributor to economic growth.

Their mission is to put our beliefs into action and change the way food production systems impact people and the planet, starting with cocoa.

High Quality End-Product with a stringent production process:

Krakakoa’s cacao beans are organically-grown and sourced from small farms that practice sustainable farming methods, and their partner farmers are paid more than the Fairtrade Minimum price for their harvest. Indulge in the unique flavours and seductive aromas of Indonesia with their organically grown, farmer-to-bar chocolate products, made with passion and purpose.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

This is where Krakakoa steps in: as a craft “famer-to-bar” chocolate company founded with a mission to improve the livelihood of Indonesian cocoa farmers and the sustainability of cocoa farming, Krakakoa engages with smallholder cocoa farmers directly to increase the quantity and quality of their harvest.

In partnership with SwissContact, Krakakoa has provided training to about 1000 farmers living in the sensitive border areas around national parks in Lampung, Sumatra and in West Sulawesi. Farmers are trained in organic farming techniques, disease management, fermentation, and conservation. Farmers are also equipped with the tools they need to farm and process their cocoa. Select high-quality fermented beans are purchased directly from the farmer at a steady of up to IDR 60,000/kg, giving the farmer price security and an increased incentive to actively improve the quality of their cocoa beans and prevent illegal encroachment into national parks.

About the Founder:

Sabrina Mustopo is the founder and CEO of Krakakoa Chocolate, a "farmer-to-bar" social enterprise that works directly with smallholder cocoa farmers to produce chocolate. She is also an independent consultant with experience in strategy, project management, agriculture and sustainable development. Mustopo previously worked in Singapore as an associate and research analyst for international consultancy McKinsey & Co., where she focused on climate change and agricultural topics and served public sector clients in the Asia-Pacific region and East Africa. She graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Agriculture and Rural Development.


 Sabrina with farmers