Artisanal brands with an authentic brand story that serves a purpose:

Mānoa Chocolate is a Hawaii based bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Kailua, Oahu! Since 2010, they have been sourcing cacao beans from Hawaii and around the world to craft chocolate. “Bean-to-bar” means turning ethically sourced cacao from seed to chocolate bar – all in one place. Mānoa’s mission is to do good through chocolate.

· Help develop an agricultural industry in Hawaii based on around cacao agroforestry

· Have direct trade relationships with farmers

· Prioritize transparency and sustainability

· Assist in the development of the craft chocolate industry globally

· And last but not last, make people happy through delicious chocolates

High Quality End-Product with a stringent production process:

Now, after over a decade in business, they have grown to be one of the largest craft chocolate makers in the United States. Their Hawaiian grown chocolate bars have won multiple international awards, and cacao agroforestry in Hawaii continues to grow year after year. Each bar has been crafted from ethically sourced cacao and the highest quality ingredients.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. with a climate appropriate for commercially cultivating the tropical fruit tree (Theobroma Cacao). Not only could making chocolate in Hawaii from Hawaiian grown cacao be a sustainable business, but it has the potential to generate an industry. The prospect of sparking an agricultural movement, from which you can create quality, value added products like chocolate is what kickstarted the founder, Dylan Butterbaugh on this journey. Mānoa's mission and passion for chocolate making to this day is rooted in this initial vision.

About the Founders:

Manoa was founded by friends Dylan Butterbaugh and Daniel O'Doherty who met while studying cacao at the University of Hawaii. As well as making delicious chocolate, they want Manoa to promote sustainability, support reforestation and showcase Hawaiian cacao to the rest of the world.