Sel De Bac Lieu

Sel De Bac Lieu


Artisanal brands with an authentic brand story that serves a purpose:

The fervent sun and calm coastal winds of Bac Lieu create a unique sea-salt with a robust and authentic taste. Naturally formed sea salt crystals have been harvested for centuries by local artisans from Bac Lieu using traditional methods. Completely rugged and unrefined, your ultimate culinary complement. Our sea salt contains only natural elements and minerals.

With a history of over one hundred years in the production of natural sea salt, the open terrain of Bac Lieu makes it an ideal place to produce salt. The tropical evaporation temperatures of the seawater and the heat absorption of the soil offer excellent conditions and create a unique sea salt.

To continue the tradition and strengthen the knowhow of salt production in Bac Lieu, Sel de Bac Lieu was founded in 2020 with the goal to create a unique product which is acknowledged on international levels and used by restaurants and home chefs around the world.

High Quality End-Product with a stringent production process:

Natural Sea Salt contains sodium as well as other important minerals to balance your daily well-being. Sodium is a nutrient that is essential to human life. It plays a key role in muscle contraction, nerve conduction and water balance in the body.

Today around 90% of the total sea salt production in Vietnam is manufactured in Bac Lieu.

The salt fields are harvested during the dry season from December to April. It takes around two weeks for the water to totally evaporate and for the salt field to dry out and be har- vested. Each field can be used eight to ten times per year.

In 2020 Bac Lieu produced just over 165,000 tons of natural sea salt.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

Committed to the planet, sustainability is our pledge. Sea salt harvesting is the most energy-neutral way of farming only using the sun and winds. Utilizing eco-friendly packaging, our ceramic pot can be re-filled or recycled. We use renewable and recycled materials to produce little to no environmental waste and minimize the usage of plastic for all our packaging.

Sel De Bac Lieu founder